Scale your business, Stand out in the crowd, Sell to the Masses with Top Industry Experts

Entrepreneur City Live 2-Day General Admission Agenda

Ready for the wow factor? Top industry experts share their latest and greatest tactics for building a solid foundation in your business. They’ll cover a range of thought-provoking concepts and strategies that will help you expand to your business beyond what you may think is capable! Here’s a breakdown of the two day general admission passes!

General Admission
Day 1 & 2

General Admission includes:

Admission to see all day 1 and day 2 speakers

Admission to see keynote speaker Loral Langemeier (day 1)

Access to pre-event prizes, trainings and competitions

Post event networking with speakers (including Loral)

Access to sponsors during the event

SWAG bag with promotional goodies

Special giveaways, and bonuses during the event (day 1 and day 2)

Access to special offerings and discounts from your hosts and speakers

Reserve Your General Admission ticket now: $149

Agenda: General Admission
Day 1 & 2

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