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Entrepreneur City Live Day 3 VIP Upgraded Experience

During our market research with this event, we discovered something amazing! Event attendees are seeking a better experience at their live events. They’re seeking better relationships with colleagues, prospects, and potential business affiliates. Attendees are also looking for laser focused consulting and coaching, and to have experts show them the way to execute all the amazing information they received. Does this sound like something you would love to see in a live event?

If so, then you want the VIP experience from Entrepreneur City Live. We’re not going to leave you hanging to go home and implement yourself. Because we’re looking to help you make the most out of your 2019, we’re offering you a VIP day (on steroids) with 7 speakers and 6 workshop trainings. All with specific workbooks, specialized information, fool-proof plans and short-cuts, and speed networking with all the other VIPs and speakers. Plus a super extra benefit that you just don’t want to pass up – ALL VIPS WILL GET ACCESS TO OUR EXCLUSIVE FACEBOOK GROUP for 12-months free of charge! You’ll get weekly accountability, special trainings from hosts Danielle & Erik Clark, special guest speaker trainings, and massively discounted products from Entrepreneur City Live affiliates and partners!

The VIP Experience
Day 3

VIP Admission includes:

Admission to see all day 1 and day 2 speakers

Admission to see keynote speaker Loral Langemeier (day 1)

Access to pre-event prizes, trainings and competitions


Post event networking with speakers (including Loral)


Access to sponsors during the event


Day 3 breakfast included for VIPs with coffee, tea and water for drinks

Special VIP SWAG bag with promotional goodies

Special giveaways, and bonuses during the event (day 1 and day 2) and after the event

Access to special offerings and discounts from your hosts and speakers before, during and after the event

12-month access to Entrepreneur City Live Facebook Group with accountability, trainings, and special coaching and offerings throughout the year

Access to laser focused coaching and workshop trainings on Day 3 with event speakers and hosts

Speed networking with speakers and other ViP attendees

Reserve Your VIP Experience Now: $399

Agenda: VIP Upgrade
Day 3

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